Interesting Facts About National Grammar Day


National Grammar Day is an official way to celebrate language. What is language without grammar? Surely language appeared before it, but grammar is a set of rules that gives language a structure, it is a way to understand each other, to bring people from different countries in one conversation. National grammar Day shows us how important it is to use grammar in everyday life. Let’s find out how this day was established and what you can do to celebrate it.What makes a good essay? A ...Continue reading

Why It Is Efficient to Use Our English Editing Service


Students often face such a problem as time management. The amount of work you have to do has never been so great before, so you should adapt to new conditions and learn how to work under them. However, lack of time is not the only trouble. You many also have a tight budget or aim at other primary goals than your professors expect you to have. Our English editing service is a key solution to your problems because what we offer is a significant boost in your personal efficiency. By delegating ...Continue reading

Grammar Schools: Do We Really Need It


A good education is a golden ticket to a better life. Yes, we certainly can survive without attending university or even school but what kind of life would it be? It has been proven that one of the main reasons of poverty is a lack of education. But what is a grammar school, how is it different from any other type of an educational institute and why it has a huge amount of controversy around it – that and much more you will find out in this essay. If you think that writing essays is Continue reading

Important Facts About Our Dissertation Proofreading Service


Writing the whole dissertation on your own is a laborious process, so if you managed to do it, you should be proud of yourself. But there is one very important point before submitting your dissertation, the significance of which you should not underestimate. It is dissertation proofreading. We recommend you to entrust this final preparation to a team of professionals because the whole defense process may depend on this step. If you want to get it over with at the first push, we are ready to ...Continue reading

15 English Words With No Translation


There are hundreds of words in the English language that have no equivalent in other languages and are simply hard to explain or translate. In this essay, we will take a look at the most common of them.If you are a very busy student and you simply have no time for writing essays, worry no more! Essay writing and checking service can be your best friend. You can choose any topic you want and in a short time, you will be a proud owner of professionally written essay that is not just made by ...Continue reading

Problems a Paper Editor Can Solve


If you are one of those people who cannot for the life of them understand why somebody would need a paper editing service, this article is meant for you. Here we will discuss in what ways professional editors can make your text better and why you cannot achieve such a result on your own.Just for you to know: a jack-of-all-trades is a rare species of humans; people who can deal with many different assignments usually tend to lose a certain amount of quality on each of their tasks. That is ...Continue reading

Signs of a Reliable Essay Proofreading Service


When the Internet is literally overwhelmed with companies that offer their essay proofreading service, you should be on alert. The risk of coming across fraud websites is increasingly great. If you belong to those people who treat their money with caution, then you should definitely read this article. You will learn how to detect a really reliable online editing company on the web by several important signs. Bearing in mind this information, you will always get the service you paid for. ...Continue reading

Grammar Games To Practice Your English


If you’re planning to become an inspiring English teacher, just started to learn English or have been learning it for a while and looking for new ways to train your knowledge, there is one thing that can help you in any of these situations and it is grammar games. How to use them, what kind of games there are and why you should consider adding them to your language studies, all answers in this essay.If you need an essay to be written for you and you need it to be good and quick, an ...Continue reading

Reasons to Choose Our Academic Editing Services


You cannot deny that professional online editing together with proofreading of a high quality is an essential part of getting a good grade for your paper. If you have decided to check your text with the help of companies that specialize in proofreading and editing, you should know how to choose the best variant for you. That is why we suggest that you take a closer look at our academic editing services. In this article we will describe the main objectives of our job and the ways in which we ...Continue reading

Ignorance of Grammar Can Make You Look Stupid


Even the most prominent professors of philology make grammar mistakes from time to time. But there are two different kinds of mistakes: the first ones are those that you make in haste, although knowing how to say the same thing right, and the second ones are really stupid mistakes that penetrate into your speech because of your ignorance. You had better avoid the latter in order not to lose your face in front of professors and grammar geeks. Smart Essay Rewriter has prepared for you a ...Continue reading