Services of an Online Essay Proofreader


Improve your style with the services of an online essay proofreader from our company! If you are interested in making your academic essays perfect, then you landed just on the right page. First of all, please, think how often you use professional proofreading services as well as the editing ones. Many of those who are involved in constant writing and have to create different kinds of texts (students and copywriters, for the most part) know for sure that it is almost impossible to succeed ...Continue reading

6 Reasons Why Students Need Paper Editors


Some students prefer to manage their assignments on their own, while others constantly make use of professional writing and editing services. There is also the third kind of students: they do everything on their own to save money, but nevertheless they turn to editing companies when feeling doubts about the quality of their writing. How can you tell for sure that you need a research paper editor? We have prepared for you a selection of 10 reasons why you will only benefit from turning to Continue reading

Most Popular Grammar Mistakes Made by Foreigners


Nowadays learning English is a very important step that helps you climb the ladder of success in terms of your studies and also career. The English language is widely used throughout the world as a language of multicultural communication, and many foreign students choose it as the main language of their studies. It unites people in a way, but also creates difficulties because English is abundant in grammar rules and even more abundant in exceptions to them. Apart from offering you editing and ...Continue reading

What Is Important in Choosing a Paper Editor Online?


When you start looking for an online paper editor, you have to consider a lot of selection criteria: their rates, guarantees, deadlines and so on. All these factors are crucial because otherwise you may end up with a text of a poor quality or without any text at all. Previously we discussed essential dos and don’ts in working with editing services, but those tips apply only when you have fixed on a certain company. So, today Smart Essay Rewriter will dwell on important items on a check ...Continue reading

FAQ About Our Essay Editing Services


This article will shed light on the main principles of our job. What Smart Essay Rewriter offers is quality online essay editing, but there is much more to that. We have developed our own policy that helps us deliver only top-notch content. Our clients often wonder what is so specific about it. Here you will learn more about our guarantees and also take a look at several tips from our company.How to choose the best essay editing service on the Internet?Obviously, the first step before ...Continue reading

Useful Tips Where and How to Practice Foreign Language


Not only does our rewriting company help students and writers with editing, but we also publish from time to time useful tips on learning English. This post, for instance, is devoted to interesting, sometimes even unorthodox ways of practicing a foreign language. You will find these tips useful if you cannot afford a journey to another country to practice your language in a native environment. So, get ready to boost your knowledge in creative ways.Start with top common wordsIf you start ...Continue reading

Services of Dissertation Editors


A dissertation is a vast academic project that you have to submit in order to get a certain academic degree. In come universities, a dissertation is necessary for a bachelor’s or master’s diploma, while other establishments recognize it as a prerequisite for a PhD degree. In the same context the term thesis is used, and it creates a certain ambiguity. That is why we suggest that you specify the level of your studies when you order services of our dissertation editors. If you are Continue reading

Improving Grammar Skills: Useful Tips


If it was not for grammar mistakes, maybe your works would not need professional editing and rewriting. On the one hand, English grammar keeps the language organized and consistent; on the other hand, it presents great difficulties, especially for non-native speakers. We decided to help you out with it by sharing with you some useful tips on improving grammar. So, get ready as we are going to dive in the world of the most efficient learning strategies.Be on the alertIf previously you could ...Continue reading

Dos and Don’ts in Working with Our Essay Editing Services


To facilitate your life, the Smart Essay Rewriter team has prepared a bunch of tips for you on how to work effectively with our essay editing service. Following this advice, you will be able to save your time and money, still receiving the best result possible. The post will come in handy for both our new clients and the regular ones, so get ready to digest everything you will read here and then try it out in practice. We will start with what you should do and then continue with everything you Continue reading

10 Phrases That Make No Sense in English


People do not always think over what they are going to say, and it may result in ridiculous phrases/ sentences that make no sense that make no sense in the English language. Smart Essay Rewriter has prepared for you a list of 10 such phrases that you had better avoid in your speech and writing not to appear illiterate. In some cases, grammar checking software will turn out useful in eliminating these structures from your writing, but it is always better to know grammar rules by yourself. ...Continue reading