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Nowadays, many students cannot write properly same as edit what they write. It takes them a lot of effort to make at least something. Improving your essay can be a difficult task but it is absolutely possible if you find the best editors for students. Smart Essay Rewriter is what you look for. Whenever you finish writing an essay, you should ask for our editing service. Our writers know what to improve in the text, to make it unique one. It will not take much time to edit and you will save yours. Everything you should do is to apply for a help, download the paper, to give us clear requirements and the deadline. We work 24/7, so you can be in touch with us via chat, to ask any question. Students all over the world have already tried our services which include not only editing but writing an essay from a scratch, rewriting texts and proofreading.

What can you do personally before you order editing services for student?

The way of crafting a good essay consists of a few stages:

1. The selection of the theme and the setting of the problem;

2. Thinking over the central idea, looking through various sources, making notes;

3. Writing the essay down;

4. Checking;

5. Improving the written text.

Additional information on the essay’s strategy: http://smartessayrewriter.com/blog/essay-writing-strategy-step-by-step

What are the prominent components of the essay?

  • Reliance on the sources, articles, textbooks, lectures. Before you give a link to a resource on the Internet, check if the website or the author of the article is well-known and popular.
  • Work through the concepts, methods, and results of your topic’s research.
  • Showing the comprehension of the problem’s complexity.
  • Logical thinking.
  • Justification of own attitude.
  • Emotional neutrality.

The level of the essay’s excellence depends on the quality of the data that you are going to use, the arguments that should closely relate to the problems and the topic you represent in the essay, the quality of the materials’ handling.

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Before you make up your mind with the problem for your writing, it is necessary to reread the material in detail. There are three different types of reading to prepare the essay in the correct way.  Strategic reading includes 2-3 major articles, 8-10 articles that develop the topic and make it interesting. Anti-reading is important and includes 1-2 studies that have the opposite point of view. The third type of reading relates to the constriction of them. There is a good deal of literature and material to use for an explanation of the topic. However, you cannot choose everything and that is why have to illustrate only the most important aspects. Make up a plan and break it into sub-headings. Look through the English punctuation advice to make the essay flawless.

The introduction should contain a detailed exposition of the topic and raise the question. It is very valuable to formulate clear goals you plan to achieve in the process of writing an essay, as well as to provide the brief definitions of topic’s terms. Try to minimize the amount of definitions.

The main part involves the creation of your argumentation and analysis, as well as their justification that is based on the available data. Filling each part of the essay with the argument, limit the information within the paragraph to consider the major idea. When you write an essay, it is extremely important which empirical data and other sources are used and how. All data is correlated with a particular topic, problem, and question, so before using anything, make sure that information corresponds to the topic and issue. Arguments for your essay find here: http://smartessayrewriter.com/blog/where-to-find-arguments-for-your-essay

Quoting requires to put the text in the quotes and to give an exact reference to the source. Do not forget to give a reference to the source, even if you explain the quote in your own words, give their brief summary or simply rephrase it. Trying to make other people's thoughts your own will be considered as plagiarism.

Checking and Editing

When you write a draft essay, your basic purpose is to create a strong argument, improve on the main ideas and combine them in a strict sequence, accompanying them with exemplary materials or additional data, etc. As soon as you write the first variant of the essay, put it aside for a couple of days, and then continue work on checking and editing anew.

When you check the text consider the following:

  • The order of the sentences in each paragraph. The major criterion is logical exposition.
  • Relevant usage of the words by style and content.
  • The order of paragraphs that should be logical.
  • Sufficiency of the used details and examples.

Of course, you should not forget about perfect grammar and tips to improve grammar skills will help you to cope with it.

How to Check It Right?

You should ask questions to the text and answer them. It’s important that you give the convincing answers. For example:

  • Does the essay coincide with the structure and analysis you’ve made?
  • Is it coherent and convincing?
  • Have you used enough data?
  • Is the data relevant?

Read your essay as you are some random the reader. If you were a reader, what would you add to the essay or change in it? Read some books to upgrade grammar additionally, so you take all the details into consideration.

Proofreading services for students became a reliable source to write an essay without overdoing it. No matter what type of paperwork you need help with, you always have access to our professional cheap essay writer, editor, and proofreader. They are going to make your writing perfect in short terms! The requests for an essay revision are not limited, the information is strictly confidential and the money you pay can be sent back if you are not satisfied with the work.

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