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Today students are extremely overloaded with a lot of assignments, research papers, and different writing tasks. That is why it is quite natural that the assistance of custom writing services are highly popular nowadays. In order to have the best grades, students have to show their knowledge in many subjects as well as show their competence in expressing their thoughts on paper. This is the right time to address the best essay writer. Students also need to remember a large amount of oral stuff as well. I think you will completely agree that most students have a short memory. They are indeed characterized by partial lapses in memory that occur at the most inappropriate moment, for example, when answering the question before the teacher, at a report, a test or an important exam. What to do in this situation? How can a student develop his/ her memory?

How to develop memory of student?

When a student enters a university, the first period is completely given to study. A huge amount of new information appears in his/her head, which must be decomposed and “digested”. It is very difficult as the students are not accustomed to such situation. You should not be surprised if a solid “mess” prevails in the head during the first session.

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Even if you find time and enough efforts to complete your writing assignments, it does not mean you will have the high grade. Here, it is right time to show your work to the professional editors from the online service on Everything you have to do is just contact the member of the skillful writers team and have the necessary assistance:

Being overloaded, the memory lapses may occur and that becomes a true surprise for the student. When it is necessary to get something important out of your head, but it just disappears, panic begins, and the final grade, as a rule, decreases more than one point. It is easy and simple to explain such lapses in memory, so it is worth discussing this topic in more detail.

Reasons to use the help of expert writers

1. Confusion. There is a category of students who, despite their diligent studying, during the session cannot get the thoughts together. The reasons for this state are many, in particular, the teacher’s gaze, the fragility of knowledge on specific issues, the tense atmosphere in the audience, and even the desire to eat and the rumbling in the stomach noticeably confuse the thoughts. Read how to change your reality in positive way with the help of expert proofreader:

2. Panic. Many high school students are afraid of exams and when answering important questions, their thoughts are completely confused. Only one glance of the teacher is enough that the memory completely recovered, but to talk about a positive assessment for the exam in this case, certainly is not possible. There is a good way to feel more confident and stop panic. Use the help of professional essay writers, it is cheap and reliable. Find how it works here.

3. Sham. However, there are those students who simply pretend that they are very nervous and have forgotten everything. In fact, they simply did not prepare, but at the examination board, they are dramatically portraying exciting lapses in memory and futile attempts to fill them.

4. "Overdose" of information. There are also such situations when a student is so thoroughly prepared for the exam that the head became not only “boiling”, but also gradually clearing the brain from the obtained information.

Many people call this phenomenon “cramming”, when a student while studying the material of exam papers at a high quality, realizes that he or she has forgotten everything. The excess of knowledge does not lead to anything good.

5. Specific mindset. Personally, I met such high school graduates who brilliantly understood this or that subject, but at the exam before the examination board could not utter a single intelligible word. I could never understand such an approaching stupor, but again, the fact still exists.

So, now it becomes clear that the ability of memory sometimes presents to the student the most unexpected surprises, and not at the most suitable moment for this. To avoid such unpleasant situations it is much better to use the professional assistance.

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Therefore, in such situations, it is necessary to train the mind and the sooner the better! Otherwise, you can not only lose the scholarships, but also be among the applicants for departure from the university. Do not hesitate to ask for help, there are many advanced rewriting services, that will save your, time, efforts, and money.

When I have memory problems, I always remember my grandmother, who, after 60 years of age, became fascinated with crosswords, although before I could not bear this occupation. When one day I wondered what the reason for her new hobby was, she told about the enormous benefits of crossword puzzles for memory.

It turns out that scientists have proven that such rebuses and charades can prevent the development of senile sclerosis, which, in fact, is an irreversible companion of the retirement age. That is why my granny began to train the memory in such a way, desperately fighting the first signs of old age.

Blunt pencil is better than sharp memory

So, one of the ways that a student can develop a memory can offer crossword puzzles, which today are known to prevail in the free market. However, there are lighter workouts that do not require additional financial costs, but are well-known in the world.

Official Memory Training Techniques

Painter method. To complete it, you need five minutes of free time, which you dedicate to studying a particular subject carefully. It is required to consider it in the smallest details, and then close your eyes and display in your mind the same form using all the moments, nuances and details.

If the student additionally possesses artistic abilities, then the completed picture will be transferred to paper, so that later you can carefully compare it with the original and perform the so-called “work on mistakes” in your mind.

This scientific method perfectly trains the visual memory, and the proposed exercise can be repeated several times a day (the more often, the better). Schulte’s tables work in a similar way but the student does not have to be involved in such jungle.

Method of reading out loud. Sometimes students have less developed auditory memory, which creates certain difficulties in the lectures when recording important notes. If a student understands the presence of a problem, then he or she should study this particular type of memory. This requires more to read out loud, and then retell the information received.

Similarly, there are poems that it is advisable to learn by heart each time. If you devote a couple of minutes a day to such simple training, then after this time has elapsed, the progress will be obvious.

Making the student draw a picture from memory, when he or she is hard-to-read, it is not an easy task. What to say about verses by heart when homework begins to be performed only on the threshold of the test week! No, all these methods are more suitable for conscious students. However, if you have too much stuff to do before the exams, it is quite natural to ask for help. The professional services for students are ready to give the urgent assistance, when the deadline is near.

However, in any case, it is necessary to train the memory, and there are plenty of simple ways to do this:

  • Method one. Every time, on the way to the university, it is recommended to create a completely new route for you. If you remember the way there in the morning and reproduce the way back without mistakes in the evening, you can safely assume that the memory problems have already been finally solved.
  • The second way. Today, the Internet has a sufficient number of online games on concentration, which allow not only train memory, but also logical thinking, imagination and willpower.
  • The third way. If you find yourself in an unfamiliar company, where everyone is acquainted with you, then the main memory training will be the memorization of all new names. When people will dissolve, it is necessary to hold each new acquaintance with a glance and remember his or her name.

For more extreme, you may come to that person and address him or her by name, checking the ability of your memory. A couple of uncomfortable situations with errors, and memory reserves will be restored very quickly.

  • The fourth method. Reproduction of synonyms or antonyms becomes a good memory training. You need to choose one word, and then pick up the maximum number of words with the approximate or totally opposite meaning.

Here it is best to speak out loud, because the memory works much better this way.

  • The fifth way. Get a deck of cards and lay out five cards face up. Thoroughly remember all the images and their sequence, and then turn the pictures down.

Then speak the name of the card and check yourself. The more images will be guessed, the better the student memory performance. Gradually, you can complicate your task, and get from the deck not 5, but already 7 or 9 cards (depending on your capabilities).

Why does every student need a good memory?

In fact, all these methods of memory training are available to each student only if his/her laziness does not dominate his/her existence and studies. If you set a goal, the problem will be finally solved then in a couple of days.

Every student should understand that memory is that important “cheat sheet” that will help out in the most difficult moment.

In order to remember the right information at the right time, it is precisely required to carefully train your memory and significantly expand its potential capabilities. So why not try these simple, but really effective ways?

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The best way to be ready for exams is to develop your memory for oral assignments and find a reliable and quick service for the writing ones. Try and have your papers done in the perfect way.

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