What Language You Should Avoid in Essays


It seems that academic writing has more bans than actual rules how you should do everything. Of course, there are numerous recommendations, accessible even online, but our essay writing service, for example, finds it easier to enumerate what you should not write in your papers rather than what you should. That is why we offer this comprehensive instruction on the language you had better avoid when working on an academic assignment. And remember that even if you fail, we are always there for you. ...Continue reading

Interesting Facts About National Grammar Day


National Grammar Day is an official way to celebrate language. What is language without grammar? Surely language appeared before it, but grammar is a set of rules that gives language a structure, it is a way to understand each other, to bring people from different countries in one conversation. National grammar Day shows us how important it is to use grammar in everyday life. Let’s find out how this day was established and what you can do to celebrate it.What makes a good essay? A ...Continue reading

Grammar Schools: Do We Really Need It


A good education is a golden ticket to a better life. Yes, we certainly can survive without attending university or even school but what kind of life would it be? It has been proven that one of the main reasons of poverty is a lack of education. But what is a grammar school, how is it different from any other type of an educational institute and why it has a huge amount of controversy around it – that and much more you will find out in this essay. If you think that writing essays is Continue reading

15 English Words With No Translation


There are hundreds of words in the English language that have no equivalent in other languages and are simply hard to explain or translate. In this essay, we will take a look at the most common of them.If you are a very busy student and you simply have no time for writing essays, worry no more! Essay writing and checking service can be your best friend. You can choose any topic you want and in a short time, you will be a proud owner of professionally written essay that is not just made by ...Continue reading

Grammar Games To Practice Your English


If you’re planning to become an inspiring English teacher, just started to learn English or have been learning it for a while and looking for new ways to train your knowledge, there is one thing that can help you in any of these situations and it is grammar games. How to use them, what kind of games there are and why you should consider adding them to your language studies, all answers in this essay.If you need an essay to be written for you and you need it to be good and quick, an ...Continue reading

Ignorance of Grammar Can Make You Look Stupid


Even the most prominent professors of philology make grammar mistakes from time to time. But there are two different kinds of mistakes: the first ones are those that you make in haste, although knowing how to say the same thing right, and the second ones are really stupid mistakes that penetrate into your speech because of your ignorance. You had better avoid the latter in order not to lose your face in front of professors and grammar geeks. Smart Essay Rewriter has prepared for you a ...Continue reading

Most Popular Grammar Mistakes Made by Foreigners


Nowadays learning English is a very important step that helps you climb the ladder of success in terms of your studies and also career. The English language is widely used throughout the world as a language of multicultural communication, and many foreign students choose it as the main language of their studies. It unites people in a way, but also creates difficulties because English is abundant in grammar rules and even more abundant in exceptions to them. Apart from offering you editing and ...Continue reading

Useful Tips Where and How to Practice Foreign Language


Not only does our rewriting company help students and writers with editing, but we also publish from time to time useful tips on learning English. This post, for instance, is devoted to interesting, sometimes even unorthodox ways of practicing a foreign language. You will find these tips useful if you cannot afford a journey to another country to practice your language in a native environment. So, get ready to boost your knowledge in creative ways.Start with top common wordsIf you start ...Continue reading

Improving Grammar Skills: Useful Tips


If it was not for grammar mistakes, maybe your works would not need professional editing and rewriting. On the one hand, English grammar keeps the language organized and consistent; on the other hand, it presents great difficulties, especially for non-native speakers. We decided to help you out with it by sharing with you some useful tips on improving grammar. So, get ready as we are going to dive in the world of the most efficient learning strategies.Be on the alertIf previously you could ...Continue reading

10 Phrases That Make No Sense in English


People do not always think over what they are going to say, and it may result in ridiculous phrases/ sentences that make no sense that make no sense in the English language. Smart Essay Rewriter has prepared for you a list of 10 such phrases that you had better avoid in your speech and writing not to appear illiterate. In some cases, grammar checking software will turn out useful in eliminating these structures from your writing, but it is always better to know grammar rules by yourself. ...Continue reading