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Only two weeks are left before the final essay. The college essay writer tells about the seven main mistakes, because of which the students get a "failure" grade and has to rewrite the paper. How to avoid this unpleasant situation you may find out in this article.

1. Retelling instead of argumentation

Replacing argument with retelling is one of the most popular mistakes of students. The final essay is reasoning; therefore, the examples you cite should support your thesis or develop a thought. You do not compete in the ability to memorize the works of the studying program. It is necessary to show that you know how to analyze what you read, build it into your experience and your statement.

Nevertheless, students often make texts that are often lack of the thesis and conclusions. “Yeah, I read about this author,” the student thinks and begins to retell in detail everything that he or she remembers about it. No analysis. No comments. Formally, everything is in order: here is the introduction, followed by the main part with arguments and conclusion. The absence of any meaningful connection is hidden behind speech clichés that artificially connect paragraphs with each other. It is very helpful to use the help of professionals and rewrite some part of your writing assignment.

Your essay will meet all the requirements

It seems no one will notice the substitution. Nevertheless, the verifier sees that there is more retelling than reasoning in the essay, and there is no connection between the thesis and the example. It looks as funny as the burger in the picture. For unnecessary details, the thought is lost, and without sticking together the text of the comments, everything falls apart.

2. Professional essay reviser prevents writing the other people's thoughts instead of your own ones.

“Why learn to write texts when everything is already written in the Internet? All the same, I will not be able to formulate a thought like that. ” It seems that this is exactly what students think. You may see this by the quantity of the publications about writings, essays for sale, banks of arguments, and preparations for thematic areas that are in demand.

The problem is that you will get specific topics on the exam itself, and in order for your text to match them, you will have to complete and rework any pieces. Instead, someone randomly connects fragments of other people's essays, while others try to convey the same content in their own words. Nothing good comes out of this. The best way is offered by online proofreading companies, like Check how it works on the site.

First, the professors detect even partially copied text. Combining fragments of different essays will not help: if there are more other people thoughts than your own ones, you will get a “failure” mark for all the work.

Secondly, the published essays are too general, since they are oriented towards the open direction as a whole. Their use leads to significant deviations from the topic. If you are asked to speculate about whether you should strive for victory at any cost, it is senseless to tell you what victory is in itself. This leads you away from the answer to the question, and you run the risk of getting a “failure” by the first criterion.

Thirdly, the appeal to the bank of literary arguments can turn into a lot of factual errors. In an attempt to paraphrase someone else's example, students confuse characters, choose inaccurate concepts and distort meaning. Therefore, do not write about the texts that you yourself have not read.

3. Pro essay revision service turns any incoherent and confusing text into the perfect piece of writing.

An incoherent and confusing text is a problem inherent in most writings. To avoid this, you must make a detailed plan for future reasoning first: to outline the main idea and ways of its proof, to think out the structure and content. Unfortunately, students rarely start working this way. There are some helpful secrets from the pro editors how to improve your writings:

Students often, when writing, rely on the compositional “skeleton” of the text: introduction, main part, and conclusion. To start the text somehow, they recall templates from the Internet. For the arguments throw out examples that came to mind and seem to be related to the topic. On a piece of it, it all comes together and is glued together using common phrases.

With this approach, logical errors occur. The students put forward several contradictory theses, jump from one thought to another, and forget about what was said at the beginning. It seems that these are scraps of various texts that are randomly mixed up with each other.

“Failure” for the composition is not so terrible: it does not affect the credit of the work as a whole. However, problems with logic can lead to a significant deviation from the topic and this is already critical. Compliance with the topic is the main criterion. The writing should be a detailed answer to the question, and if you are confused in your thoughts, forget to give an answer to it, you will not be evaluated in the best way. The reasons why to use the help of expert writers are obvious:

4. Top essay revisor help in avoiding the clichés and repetitions is indispensable

If the preparation is reduced to memorizing patterns and clichés, the output is pseudo-text, a compilation of common and therefore meaningless phrases.

"... - an important element of our life. It is difficult to imagine the modern world without this”;

"The problem ... is very relevant for me as a modern person";

"In ... a deep meaning is laid."

What are we talking about? Hard to guess. Instead of dots, you can put any word: "friendship", "feelings", "victory", "defeat".

Using clichés is bad not only in terms of speech quality. This criterion still does not affect the credit of all work. The problem is that the poverty of speech is often associated with the poverty of thought.

Imagine that you are in the essay review commission. You open the next work and for the hundredth time you see how something "plays a huge role in the life of people" and therefore "everyone thought about it at least once in their life." How would you treat this text?

5. Online edit revise will take to nothing the substandard arguments

In fact, it is very important to demonstrate the depth of the topic. To do this, it is enough to turn to one work of literature: to analyze it and to show how the indicated thesis is proved at different levels in the essay. If another text is used, examples should be compared. Not everyone can do this, usually the arguments exist separately from each other, and they do not deepen and do not develop a thought.

The pursuit of quantity affects quality. During the allotted time, it is difficult to comprehend several works in the perspective of the chosen topic. Therefore, often students simply retell individual episodes and add general phrases. You can get credit for this, but you will not get the maximum points when you enroll.

It also happens that students, striving to impress with their literary horizons, limit themselves to mentioning various works. However, listing authors and book titles is not enough. In order for the argument to be counted, a full analysis is needed.

6. Inattentive check is often the biggest problem for the students

Writing an essay is tiring: you have to struggle with the fear of a clean slate, choose formulations, and look for arguments. In addition, students are so proud of the result of this hard work that they do not pay enough attention to the mistakes. “It won't be better anymore,” they think, and they hand over text with censuses, repetitions, missing commas and other errors.

This is also happening because in a few hours of work a feeling of knowing the text is created. It seems that you have already seen and checked everything. This is not true. No wonder even experienced authors take a short break before they sit down to edit what they write themselves or buy the affordable academic proofreader.

But instead of having a little rest and double-checking their work, the students tend to pass it on. Then they get upset: it is a shame to lose points due to ridiculous mistakes.

7. Anger: accusations instead of actions

The last mistake on our list is anger. Students make this error at the preparation stage.

It is not enough time for students to become the great essay writers. To show how to spell the words is faster and easier than teaching how to correctly express your position.

And when the time comes to write the final essay, the students are angry. They are asked what they have not been taught. Therefore, they wait until they are told about the criteria and show how and what to write about; delay preparation instead of preparing yourself. In addition, they blame everyone except themselves in a bad result.

Do not be angry: it is not constructive. By shifting responsibility for your success to college, you lose control and start to go with the flow. However, it will not bring you good points and you will only waste time.

As you can see to have the best result in writing, you need to make maximum effort. However, everybody knows how difficult it is to find free time. If you are the student and especially during the exam passing time. It seems that the student has to be an expert in every subject and know all the nuances of written and oral tasks. Talking about writing assignments one has to understand that this is something that you will not be able to avoid no matter what your specialty is. You have to show your knowledge in your major subject as well as good command in writing. The ability to express your thoughts on paper is an integral part of any studying process. Understanding all the complexity of the situation, the advanced editors offer their help. You can contact the specialist from any time that is convenient for you as the support team is open 24/7. Even if you are extremely short of time and the deadline is threatening close, do not panic, as the professional English writers take the urgent orders. The significant advantage of using the professional custom writing services is the price. Created for students, this service adheres to the policy of average prices that are affordable even for students’ pockets.

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